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Anecdotes from
Sales is a Team Sport

Events and Experiences from John Fuggles' career

Team: it includes the customer

My boss came to talk to me about an existing account we had within the company. The salesperson working the account had been on it for a year and had managed to retain the business but had not grown the account or secured much in the way of wins. find out more read Sales is a Team Sport

It's about taking control

I remember my first meeting with the Chief Information Officer of a very well-known shipping company. I arrived at his office, some three hours’ drive from home, looking forward to our first meeting. He was an established account with my company, but I was new in the role. find out more read Sales is a Team Sport

Building relationships that last

The CIO of a large organisation and client of mine was a keen cricketer and loyal Australian. His right-hand-man was Indian and very keen on supporting his nation in the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup. find out more read Sales is a Team Sport

Selling is about adding value

I was working for a client, a successful business, growing and profitable. However, despite several reviews and changes they had not achieved the profitability they felt they deserved. The company was, in all other respects, a great company. find out more read Sales is a Team Sport

Why accurate forecasting matters

The Chief Executive Officer of a company I was working for was visiting from the USA. He was meeting some of the team and asked for a meeting with me to discuss how we could expand the success we had achieved to date. During that discussion he complained that I was “a nightmare to manage” find out more read Sales is a Team Sport

Sometimes you just have to give up

I was at the checkout of a shop, buying some hardware. The young woman at the till clearly did not want to be there and her manner with the people in front was obvious. If she could have thrown everything harder and farther down the conveyor belt she would. No eye contact, nothing but the merest of grunts in between the occasional begrudging word. find out more read Sales is a Team Sport

Implementing CRM Systems correctly

I was working at a very well regarded large international organisation that had, a year earlier, implemented a new CRM. The system was selected exclusively by the Finance Department and plugged into their entire supply chain and finance system. Every person involved in sales had their commission directly calculated from the system and every order had to be placed in the system. find out more read Sales is a Team Sport

Read Sales is a Team Sport for the rest of these real-life stories and to read more anecdotes from my career.

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