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Book Reviews for Sales is a Team Sport

Reviews: CV

John is an absolute wealth of knowledge and a real powerhouse. His book that combines his many years of experience and expertise is a must-have for anyone that is looking to build an empire and to build successful sales teams. With lots of useful case studies and helpful diagrams, no stone is left unturned.

I'd recommend buying the book and referring to it often.

Lorraine Adebowale: Creative Coach

The book focuses on many pragmatic approaches and actions to explore the sales team as well as an individual who wants to widen their horizon regarding the latest sales workings. Encompassing salient aspects such as sales process, sales funnel, management tools and resources that will activate the success factor in your business and more such profound information has been vastly explained in a lucid way.

This is a must read for all the readers who are stepping into the business world with a fresh perspective.

Harpreet Singh

In thirty years of being a company director, launching & growing several businesses and reading a few hundred business books, I've never read a book about Sales that is so focused, practical, useful and easily digestible. John brings many years of real-world experience, brought to life with tangible examples and hard-won lessons, to illustrate the valuable lessons he shares in this book. 


Sales is by far the most important function in any business, as without it there's nothing. The book demonstrates how sales is not only a structured process, a shared experience, a team sport & mission-critical for success, but also that, above all, it's about people; whether clients, customers, buyers, sellers, colleagues or business leaders. 


I strongly recommended and worth rereading on a regular basis, from novice to experienced CxO, everyone will find some useful insights, tips & tricks in this book.

James Bartlett: Director of Strategy

This book will urge you to move out of your comfort zone and break the stigma that has surrounded the topic of sales. 

An extraordinary book and beneficial to the curious minds who are looking forward to having a successful career as a salesperson.

Falguni Sahu

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