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With a long career in sales working for some great companies it still excites me the opportunity to work with some truly talented people. No matter how many great deals whether won or lost and whether leading a team or being part of one, there is always more to learn. The deals we lost that we should not, the deals we won that we did not know how and the ones that simply vanished never to return. All of them combine to make sales a truly great place to be in any organisation. Throughout it all it is the power of the team over the individual that has stood out for me. 

Then as a consultant, advising business on their future growth plans and delivering their sales strategy blueprint. Working with friends on their businesses and sharing ideas with founders and scaling companies. As well, lecturing students and sitting on a University 'Dragons Den'. At every step it was still the team that made the difference. It is a pleasure to bring sales knowledge and experience to the team, the company, the students, and to make a difference. Taking that a step further: being able to share insight and my own personal track record. 

Sales really is a team sport and, for me, always has been. I feel privileged to now share that with you and thank you to the backing of friends and family and the support of BEP it is a real pleasure to put this together in written form and, hopefully, help you along your sales journey, whether as a salesperson or part of the Team!

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