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Sales is a Team Sportso many people to thank

This book would not have been possible but for the help and support of my family who encouraged me all the way. My wife, Irina, who is the encouraging force behind my writing and my daughter, Lilia, who's questioning and desire to learn is always a joy and inspiration.​

To the people that started this process by telling me I should write. Simply having someone ask the questions and make me realise how valuable my experience is and how useful it would be to share. Thank you to Elie, and to Christian.

Friends and colleagues who have helped with insight, provided feedback and reminded me of past events. The list is long but foremost I must thank James and James, Ant and Lorraine.

And to BEP who have been brilliant in supporting me in the process. Providing great feedback. To Nilesh and Nigel for introducing me to BEP and to all the team: Scott, Naresh, Wyatt, Charlene, Melissa, Divy, Karen and Sung.


Thank you


Thank you: About Me
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