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Tickling Trout

Finding suitable long term clients and maintaining a healthy stock of future upsell opportunities is akin to the role of a fisherman. For bulk numbers, you may trawl the waters to fill your needs, picking the tide with a particular current flow to increase your odds of finding the perfect ‘fish’. But what about that significant account with huge and long term potential? Do you take your chances and dangle the hook or wade in, tickle the ‘trout’ and find the perfect specimen?

Tickling trout requires patience to caress the fish until the trout becomes so relaxed it can simply be picked up and tossed on the bank. It is an art and a science and delivers great results.

To find and manage your future significant customers, you need to invest time and effort to care for your stock of leads and even when landed continue the process for more trout, from the same shoal. Monitor regularly, and maintain the right environment, while still sustaining abundant stock levels from across the business. Keeping your pool refreshed and up to date if you want to choose from the very best.

Manage your pool correctly and, when the time is right, jump in at just the right time to find the perfect customer — no hook dangling or trawling in sight!

Tickling Trout offers significant advantages to organisations that want to develop an effective way to identify, nurture and win major clients. However, you don’t need to take up fishing to learn how to manage your pipeline better, nor learn the art of tickling trout but at least you now know what to do - even if you don't do it yourself.


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